Why Transparency Might Be One of the Highest Priorities for Your Startup

Startups face a variety of challenges every single day until they establish themselves as fully realized companies with sustainable processes, which is why entrepreneurship requires a certain combination of tenacity and analytical prowess.

What many entrepreneurs do not realize, though, is that the cultural chasm that winds up developing between the core management team and the workers you hire as you build your labor force is a preventable thing. More and more companies have learned this by embracing transparency as a core operational value, and it might be the secret that keeps your startup going through the predictable growth pains that usually complicate labor and management relations.

Why the Culture Chasm Forms

Most workers are not going to have the vision needed to launch a startup, even if they enjoy working for them. There are exceptions who get into working for startups to learn how to launch one, but for the most part, your workers want to understand why changes happen around them, and they want to feel empowered to do their jobs. The reason this is a challenging thing for startups to provide is because change is a constant when a company is launching itself into prominence, and the chain of communication during rapid transformations tends to get cloudy. This leads to workers who do not understand the motivations for the changes they’re being asked to adopt, and that eventually leads to alienation.

Other factors also contribute, and transparency is more than just telling employees why things are happening, so some people who try to adopt it for their startups don’t get the most out of it. True transparency and open communication involves letting decisions be questioned. You might not be open to changing tactics, but you do at least need to hear concerns and address them in a real way, so the employee feels heard and not dismissed. This is the secret to transparency working. People need to feel they are heard and their concerns are being adopted into the overall framework of the plans they have to help put into place.

Transparency Empowers a Labor Force

Transparent decision-making and open communication provide another core benefit, and that’s strategic coherence. There are a lot of ways to get your work done, and employees are going to make the best tactical decisions they can give their knowledge and circumstances. It’s easy to see that when they understand the goal they are pulling toward, they can make decisions that help move the company in the right direction.

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