Using Purchase Order Financing To Grow Your Business

If you own a small business, you are probably already aware of the possibility of receiving an order so big that you do not have the resources needed to fulfill it. If this happens, it may seem that your only option is to turn the client away. However, this would be a massive missed opportunity. That order would be incredibly appealing because it is so large, for the exact reason you cannot fill it. When this happens, turn to EvolveFlex Finance Group for purchase order financing. This special type of financing is designed specifically for this kind of situation. Learn more about how it works and how we can help you be approved.

How Order Financing Works

The first thing that happens when you are approved for order financing we provide you with the capital you need to fulfill the order. Do everything you can to satisfy your client. When the order is complete, we take a portion of the invoice to repay the loan, leaving the rest of the profits to you. This type of financing offers these benefits:

  • No risk of accumulating debt
  • Incredibly short approval and processing time
  • Avoid bad reputation for turning clients away
  • Improve your market share
  • Avoid losing equity

EvolveFlex Finance Group is here to back your small business up. Give us a call today.