Add Security to Your Business by Financing Your Accounts Receivable

If you are worried about unexpected expenses popping up and causing problems for your small business, you should know about accounts receivable financing. This is a special type of financing that has very little risk and fast processing time, which makes it perfect for this kind of situation. At EvolveFlex Finance Group, we can help you apply and be approved for whichever kind of financing would benefit you most. Learn more about financing receivables and how it can benefit your business.

How Accounts Receivable Financing Works

Account receivable financing is essentially a traditional loan, except it uses unpaid client invoices as collateral. The first thing that happens when you are approved if you receive the capital you need. When it comes time for your clients to pay their invoices, we collect from them instead. This essentially means you get paid for that work in less time than it would normally take. The other benefits of this type of financing include:

  • Shorter time to processing and receive payment
  • Lower qualifications and less paperwork
  • No fixed payments
  • More flexibility

If you want to have an option to add security to your business whenever unexpected expenses come up, give EvolveFlex Finance Group a call and learn more about how you can finance your receivables.